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Learning not to complain

It almost seems like I am having to relearn things I was once trained to do.  I know it sounds funny, but its like I hear myself doing things I cannot stand and one of them is complaining.  To me, complaining creates a very negative world around you and it sort of keeps in, starts small, and then one minute you wake up and notice nothing but negative things or something to complain about.  The sad part, that its not like there are not good things going on around you (me), but the negative is all you (I) see.  This person didn’t do this, I’m still dealing with this issue, I ran out of milk…blah, blah, blah…REALLY?

I watch my mom who is facing many challenges with her health, sure there is a time every now and then where she will say she doesn’t feel well, but she does not wallow in those things.  I watch her very closely and she will get up and do something else, whether it is cooking, cleaning, calling someone on the phone, finding something funny on tv to watch, or doing something for someone else.  Her focus is set, not on the issue, but on something else and I learn so much from her.

She is a great example and she keeps moving forward and thanking God for the good things and not dwelling on the bad.  I am grateful to have my mom as a beautiful example and I hope to emulate the same.  It’s a day by day process, with God’s grace, I hope to make that change.†Image

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Disconnecting from Technology

What turning off the phone and disconnecting from social media sites feels like for me

Oddly enough, peace…Peace from what you ask?  Peace from people pleasing, always being available as well as looking for something to fill the void of loneliness.  I cannot speak for anyone else, but for me, I have found the Internet and phone to be a false approach to solace.  It seems to be more sound to be able to connect to something more realistic and healthy, such as spending time with people who matter the most in your life, focus on a goal, or most importantly spending time with God and getting the peace and direction that you need from Him.  Only He can give you true peace.

Spending precious moments looking at the phone waiting for someone to respond or sometimes when they respond, much to your dismay, with disappointments.  That’s why it is so very important for me to take a break from the norm and focus on enjoying more of my life and all the blessings around me and for me.

I’m just talking from my heart and own thoughts about the situations I’ve encountered.  It’s very sad and I have so much more to say, but I can truly admit that taking a step back is helpful.


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